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Please Close Toilet Lid Sign

Please close the lid before you flush the vinyl decal. It's a common practice to flush the toilet lid open on purpose to avoid getting water and dirt dripping down the side. The water and dirt run into the decal and it becomes a identifying part of the mural.

Please Close The Toilet Lid

And there you have it, the perfect way to reduce your environmental impact – the toilet lid! This simple tip will help you to close the lid quickly and efficiently, without having to constantly open and open the toilet lid.

Close Toilet Lid Sign

This sign indicates that someone is no longer willing to take care of their close toilet lid. this sign is used to indicate that someone wants to avoid coming in contact with water so they can't get sick. if you want to flush the toilet lid before you open the toilet, we can do that for you. The lid can be closed with a please close the lid before you flush cut vinyl decal. Floor, or vehicle.